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I Love My Big Red Door

JOSHUA NUSBAUM - Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our new studio has an old fire door. It is roughly 56 sq feet of shiny red two inch thick metal. It must weigh hundreds of pounds, and, since it no longer has a counter weight, it is really hard to open. This doesn't matter too much since the view out the open door is literally the sides of semi trucks (but that's another story).

What I really love about the big red door is that it came with lots of very strong little magnets. I suppose I could have gotten my own magnets except that I hadn't even realized I wanted them. It was the fact that the magnets were already there that made me realize that what I really had was an eight foot tall display board. Now I have a place to "pin up" my ideas and drafts and drawings and I am psyched!

In the past, my studios have been small enough that I never had extra space for a bulletin board. I used to tape drawings and design comps to the front edges of shelves. This worked OK, but inevitably my sketches would be in the way of something else I needed on the shelf. Thanks to the Big Red Door, this conflict has been resolved and the artistic process has a little more room to breathe.

If anyone knows where to get an old counter weight, let me know.

Settling In

JOSHUA NUSBAUM - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well, here it is. My first ever blog post. I am excited to be blogging for the first time. While starting a blog is, in part, a reflection of the growth of our business, I am truly pleased to have a place to share bits of my creative process, highlights of life and work in our new studio space and any number of things related to the beauty of ink on paper. 

It's been nearly four months since we moved the press out of our garage at home and into a commercial studio space in SE Portland. It’s been quite the adventure and ultimately a great change. We have been so blown away by the positive response to our letterpress printed greeting cards since we launched our line nearly two years ago. We are truly grateful for all of our customers and sales reps and anyone and everyone who has bought one of our cards. 

Taking this business from a brainstorm that happened on a friend’s farm on Salt Spring Island, BC to letterpress classes at the IPRC and OCAC through three little garages and, ultimately, to the 2000 square feet we now call home has truly been a dream come true. This is not to say it's been easy. But it has been a lot more fun than not and it is a continual learning experience and exercise in creativity.

Stay tuned and I'll tell you more about it...

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