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Design a cetter world

Super PAKs (Postcard Action Kits, not political action committee) are boxed sets of 18 multicolored eye-catching postcards (3 each of 6 designs) that are specifically designed to make it easy for you to engage in your democracy by sending a quick postcard to your elected officials.

3 Major Benefits of Super PAKs:
  1. They are a force of change. Elected officials actually do listen to their constituents because they rely on our votes to keep their jobs.
  2. Taking even small actions (like telling your member of congress what's important) is a real cure for feeling helpless in the midst of uncertain times.
  3. 35% of gross sales here at go to organizations working for social justice and the environment.

Fundraise with Super PAKs and Get Up to a 50% Return!

Super PAKs make a fantastic fundraiser. We offer special pricing for groups that want to fundraise with Super PAKs. Your group will get up to a 50% return when you sell Super PAKs in person (or 35% if you sell them online). Click here for details about fundraising.

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