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Fundraise and Organize with Super PAKs

Raise Your Voice Super PAKs are a great fundraiser and a catalyst for bringing people together. Waterknot offers special pricing for community groups which enables you to make up to a 50% return on your fundraising investment.

How to Fundraise with Super PAKs

Sell In-Person - Up to 50% Return
  • Organize a postcard writing event to bring people together and get your message out. Sell Super PAKs at your event to increase your fundraising revenue. 
  • Sell Super PAKs to friends, family and neighbors. This empowers them to take an active role in their democracy and raises money for your cause.

Two levels of return:

50% RETURN. Stock Up: If you are having an event, this is the way to go. Place your order for at least 20 Super PAKs and get special fundraiser pricing of $6.00 each. Sell them at your event for $12.00 and keep all the profits for your cause. Sign Up for Fundraiser Pricing.

40% RETURN. Pre-Order: If you are not hosting a writing event, Super PAKs are still easy to sell and a great way to support your group. Ask us for a pre-order kit and get the word out. Pre-order kits contain sample Super PAKs, sales flyers and order forms. Use these sales materials to write-up orders. Once you’ve met your fundraising goal, send in your group’s order and payment keeping your 40% share. We then ship your Super PAKs to one central location for you to distribute.

Sell On Line - 35% return.

The easiest fundraiser around. Direct your community to buy Super PAKs online and get a 35% return on each purchase. Nothing to stock or pre-order. We will supply you with email sales materials (PDF flyer and images) and a unique online code. You reach out using your group’s, (congregation, school, organization) email list. Direct your audience to the online retail store to buy Super PAKs. When they redeem the online code with the purchase of a Super PAK your organization will get 35% of the $12 retail price ( $4.20 per PAK) paid quarterly.

Super PAKs make great donor gifts, too.

Super PAKs are a great way to say thank you. Super PAKs make a great donor gift that keeps on giving by encouraging your supporters to keep advocating for you.

Make it Personal

The postcards are deliberately not messaged on the back because according to the non-partisan Congressional Management Foundation, personalized messages have a greater impact than just singing your name to a pre-written message.

Hone Your Message?

Are you working on a specific awareness campaign? Need a card that expresses the voice of your organization? We can help. Custom design and print is what we do at Waterknot. We’d be happy to talk to you about creating a custom postcard or custom Super PAK. Let us know what you have in mind.

Special Fundraiser Pricing

Super PAKs: $6 each
Minimum Order: $120 (20 Super PAKs)
Suggested Sales Price: $12 each
To order Super PAKs with fundraiser pricing, please fill out a Fundraising Account Application first.