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What is a waterknot?

A Waterknot is used by climbers to tie two pieces of nylon webbing together. Its beauty lies in its strength and simplicity. It is practically fail-safe. The more force applied to pull it apart, the tighter it becomes. Waterknot is also my graphic design and illustration studio. As a designer working with organizations to create custom gift products, I tie projects together with strength, elegance and efficiency. I connect concepts to material items, the verbal to the visual, needs to desires, the practical to the fanciful and art to commerce. These unions create compelling, effective design.

Josh Nusbaum, Illustrator and Graphic Designer 

I have over 15 years of experience working as a professional graphic designer and illustrator as well as educational degrees in Art, Environmental Studies and Graphic Design. As a business owner and creative professional, I understand your needs as a client and always deliver on time and on budget.